Happy New Year – 2023 Our Year of Increase

              The year 2022 was truly a year to remember our God’s faithfulness. We started the year not sure of what to expect other than to refocus ourselves in counting our blessings and ensuring that we continue to declare that our God is bigger than any situation that will come our way. By the grace of God, we did just that, hoping that we have cultivated a habit that will remain with us, even when we are in tides of the storm that could create fear in us.

              In 2023, our point of focus is to grasp the truth that we shall experience increase all around us regardless of any form of drought. Our God knew of every season before we ever experienced it and He made a way of escape for us even before we stepped into any form of hardship. Remembering this about our God’s character, will be very helpful in believing that we can experience increase regardless of the circumstances of things around us.

As pointed out in the newsletter articles, God requires us to believe Him and take steps forward when the logical reaction based on the situation is to retreat. As men and women of faith took bold steps to do as God asked them to, not denying what they saw, but acknowledge the greatness of God and obeying God, may we all have the grace in 2023 to take bold steps of faith in areas that we have retreated in the past. Remember, that it is God who gives us the power to make wealth and all He requires of us is to seek Him first with a guarantee that He knows what we need, and He will give them to us (read

Happy New Year filled with all blessings in Christ Jesus.

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