• To nurture the complete growth of individuals and families through:
  • Fellowshipping with God and one another on Sundays and any other day of the week we designate to do so
  • Corporate and individual reading and studying of the Bible
  • Bible-based teachings
  • Adult (men and women), youth and children’s ministries
  • Corporate fasting and praying
  • Studying of Christian literatures, books and daily devotionals
  • Family and individual counselling
  • Radio and television broadcasting


We are focused on the following current and long-term ministry activities:

  • Sunday worship time and weekly programs to help the spiritual growth of Christian individuals and of families
  • Planning and inviting speakers for revivals, Vocation Bible Schools for children, etc
  • Planning programs to enrich spiritual growth and enhance fellowships for men, women, youths and young adults, as separate ministries, and also together as a corporate body
  • Write, publish, and mail out Christian newsletters to communities, churches and individuals
  • Helping the needy among us
  • Sending aids overseas to help the needy
  • Preaching and teaching of the Word of God in our communities, in local churches, conferences and wherever else God leads us to
  • Local, national and international radio and television broadcasting of the Word of God to people of all nations


Unleash your potentials…

At Ambassadors for Christ, we recognize the rich and powerful potentials that lie deep within the human spirit, mind and body. Therefore, we encourage an atmosphere not only fit for continued spiritual growth, but also, for the development of diverse talents.

Below, we invite you to become acquainted with the various ministries of the church:

  • Children
  • Communications
  • Evangelism
  • Ladies
  • Men
  • Worship
  • Pastoral Care
  • Prayer
  • Youths and Young Adults

Welcome to the info desk…

Welcome to the Info desk of the Ambassadors for Christ Ministries Inc.!

Information on all our weekly and monthly church activities can be found on this page. Please note that residents in close proximity to White City, Emerald Park and Regina can secure a free ride to the venue of these events by calling the following numbers at least a day prior to the event: (306) 347-3272 or 501-0744.

Sunday services start at 10:00 am. Further information pertaining to church activities can also be obtained by calling the above phone numbers.