“Therefore, we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God were pleading through us - we implore you on Christ's behalf, be reconciled to God.”
2 Corinthians 5:20


Please note that until further notice, we will be having online service. Details will be sent through church WhatsApp if you are our church member. If you are a visitor and wish to join our service, please call for Pastor Rebecca to get information on how to join in.

St. Patrick's Breastplate is very appropriate for this time, reminding us that the love and mercy of God surround us. Notice what the words of his prayers: Christ with me, Christ before me, Christ behind me, Christ in me, Christ beneath me, Christ above me, Christ on my right, Christ on my left, Christ when I lie down, Christ when I sit down, Christ when I arise, Christ in the heart of every man who thinks of me, Christ in the mouth of everyone who speaks of me, Christ in every eye that sees me, Christ in every ear that hears me. Go to this link St. Patrick for the entire prayer.

In closing, we pray that the peace of God will fill our hearts and our world as He touches all who are affected with coronavirus with His healing and continues to protect the rest of us from being affected in Jesus name. Amen.


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