As we are aware, this is an important mandate that Jesus gave His disciples as He ascended to heaven. He told them, ” Go ye into the world and make disciples of all nations…” Matthew 28:19.

We acknowledge the fact that there are “called” evangelists but as followers of Jesus Christ, each one of us is given a measure of evangelistic to be able to share our faith with others. 

The church undertake different projects to reach out to people within and outside the community through:

  • Newsletter
  • Media ministry outreach through radio and television( currently on radio AM800)
  • One on one evangelism/ Door to door evangelism
  • Business community and many more as led by the Spirit of God.

 Outreach to Immediate Communities: Immediate community will be White City and area which will include Emerald Park, Balgonie, Pilot Butte, etc. Even though we are Christian based organization, our outreach will include anyone interested in our programs regardless of gender, race or religious affiliation. The following are some of the ways we plan to reach our immediate communities:

  • Craft time for women and anyone interested.
  • Organizing competitive sports among the youths and adults
  • Talent shows for youth to encourage develop their talents.
  • Music festivals.
  • Awards for excellence or being a good ambassador for school or community.
  • Activities and programs that would be of interest to couples and/or family. For example, topics on healthy family life; health, relationship, etc. would be offered.
  • BBQ time – inviting community members to join us. 

Settlement: When newcomers come to a new place, the ability to settle and feel at home are key components in whether or not they will stay in that community. As an organization we will be of assistance to anyone we come in contact with so that they could settle and feel at home in Saskatchewan and/or Canada. Such assistance will be provided as follows:

  • Assistance in acquiring housing and household items they might require.
  • Referral to settlement agencies that have services we cannot render.
  • Taking them out for shopping and different malls for their future purchases
  • Taking them to places of interest for them and their families.

Employment: Most of the time, some newcomers do not know where to go to get information they need regarding employment and/or other programs that could benefit them and their family members. Also, for lack of information, some newcomers work in jobs that are not directly related to or commensurate with their education and experiences in order to earn a living. After a long time of searching, they become frustrated and leave the province. Based on the above and other reasons, we will reach out to all newcomers with the following information:

  • Employment information – contact employers to forward job vacancies to the agency.
  • Provide job vacancy information to those who are looking for employment.
  • Contact employers and partner with them as they employ qualified newcomers to boost diversity in their workplaces.
  • Provide career counseling services on how to search for jobs and upgrade skills where necessary in order to enhance suitability for the labour market.
  • Provide them with information that would lead them to individuals or organizations that could help them in writing a better resume and also help them with the interview processes.
  • Hold cultural training sessions on how to adapt to the culture and to prepare them to successfully integrate into the workplaces if required.
  • Provide information to newcomers who are immigrants on how they can evaluate their foreign credentials.
  • Provide information on how to improve language and communication skills for both employment and day-to-day living purposes.
  • Provide information on resources to anyone who desires to start their own businesses.

Family counseling: When families move to a new culture, they may find themselves ignorantly violating the “laws of the land”. This is because some acceptable behaviors in their home countries might not be acceptable in their new country of residence. We will provide counseling programs and services such as listed below to help newcomers understand the culture of their new country, Canada:

  • Provide information on parenting methods that could be different from what they knew from their home countries.
  • Inform newcomers of different behaviors that could be termed abusive when disciplining their children.
  • Provide children with different programs to help them resist gangs or bad influences that could land them in trouble.
  • Provide family counseling in times of crisis, and work with families on resolving issues in a way to strengthen and restore peace and harmony to the family.
  • Provide links to different ethnic associations where they can meet with other people from their ethnic background for cultural, social interactions and support.

In situation where some children get into trouble, our organization will be of assistance and provide the following outreach programs:

  • Communicate with and/or visit children in youth facilities and correctional centres to get to know them and understand why they were sent to these facilities or correctional centres.
  • Provide them with information on rehabilitation programs available to them to become better citizens after they are released.
  • Provide them with ongoing support on how to stay out of trouble and become responsible members of our society.
  • Sponsor games and sports of interest to young people for empowerment and self worth.

Means of outreach: The following are some of the ways we would reach people within and outside of our community with the programs listed above:

  • Magazines & Newsletter Publication. We will begin with three publications a year and increase it based on future demand
  • One on one counseling and visitation
  • Workshops and meetings
  • Sports and sponsoring awards
  • Referral to different organizations with programs that would be of benefit
  • Seeking sponsors from businesses and other organizations to fund the listed programs and services