A special offering was taken to help fight Ebola epidemic in 2014. the amount received was sent to  Liberia, West Africa through The Lord's Prayer Outreach Association Inc. Regina, Saskatchewan.


If you have been listening to the news in the past few days, you would have heard about the disaster in the Philippines due to Typhoon Haiyan. Many have died and many more displaced from their homes. The Filipino Community in Regina are gathering relief items for the victims such as:
- Canned foods (all non-perishable food items),  - Clothing,   - Blankets,    - Towels
We learned that these items will be sent to the Philippines National Red Cross Headquarters via a courier company that is currently offering free shipment for donations to the Philippines. As a church and community we need to lend a hand of help to "our brothers and sisters" in the Philippines who need our help at this time of need. 
 If you are in Regina and you want to donation items as listed above, please drop such things off OR if you are not able and/or if you live or come to church in White City, our church van will be unlocked so that such items can be dropped into the van. 

 Ukrainian's crisis victims

Please help the Ukrainian's crisis victims through your prayers and donation. Go to to do so. Thank you.